Our products

With unflagging technical innovation and credible performance,
DAITO CHEMICAL products help promote food security and environmental conservation.

Product introduction

We provide various ultra-pure product lines, including sulfites, carbonates, thiosulfates and acetate. They have been applied to wide-ranging areas, from general industrial use to electronic materials and medical raw materials.


(1) Powder Characteristics Control [particle distribution/bulk specific gravity control]

To meet the needs of customers who use our product by powder mixing, we leverage powder characteristics capability in manufacturing.

(2) Reduction of foreign particles

We produce products with fewer foreign particles thanks to sealed facilities/work environment management system developed by tapping into our experience in manufacturing medical raw materials/food additives.

(3) Wide-ranging evaluation

We provide wide-ranging evaluation services, from chemical analysis leveraging LC-MS, FT-NMR, electron microscope and other abundant analytical equipment to bacteriostatic testing, cooking testing, food preserving tests and others . We utilize these evaluations for our new offer and the technical information provided to customers.