Mixing and Filling Equipment

Example filling machines

  • Our facilities include a raw material tank, liquid mixing tanks (13), storage tanks (26) and powder mixing tanks (3).

  • The storage tank allows continuous mixing of chemicals by temporary storing mixed liquids.

  • Our facilities include 14 liquid weighing/filling machines.

  • Bag-in-box filling machine

  • Vision inspection equipment

  • Checkweigher

  • Capping inspection equipment

Process flow of mixing and filling

①Dissolving and mixing liquid and/or powder feedstock

Using various types of tank to dissolve and mix chemicals.

  • Mixing tank

  • Storage tank


Using each automatic filling machine for various types of container.

  • Fill into the designated container optimally

  • Fill into the designated container optimally


We can also package various bottles filled into corrugated boxes, etc.

We can inspect all products using a checkweigher and vision inspection equipment.

  • Image processing

  • Checkweigher


We can ship our products either to the destination you designate or via a collection service at your request.

Shipment with various packaging

Mixing tank Capacity Material quality Temperature range Pressure range Stirring blade No. of storage tanks
Mixing tank (for liquid) 40KL×2 SUS 10-60℃ Atmospheric pressure Pfaudler 40kL×4
27KL×3 27KL×9
13KL 13KL×2
10KL 10KL×2
6KL 6KL×3
4KL GL 4KL×1
2.8KL SUS 2.8KL×2
2KL -
1KL 1KL×3
0.2KL -
Mixing tank (for powders) 5000kg SUS Room temperature Atmospheric pressure
Raw material tank (example)
Nitric acid (67.5%) Diethylene glycol
Sodium bisulfite solution (35%) Acetic acid (90%)
Ammonium thiosulfate solution (75%) Chelest FN50
Sodium hydroxide solution (48%) Sulfuric acid (75%)
Potassium hydroxide solution (48%) Tartaric acid solution (62%)
Aluminum sulfate solution (27%) Ammonium nitrate solution
Ammonium hydroxide (27%) Potassium carbonate solution (49%)
Glutaraldehyde (50%) Ammonium bisulfite solution