Flow of contract production

Introduction to contract mixing and filling services

Example filling containers

We can fill into bottles with capacity ranging from 50 ml to 5L (square/round), 18 liter drums, Bag-in-boxes (BIB), plastic containers, drums, 1-ton containers, lorries and other containers. We can also fill special containers on your request.

Flow of contract production

【1】Customer Inquiries

We are more than happy to visit you for a consultation. To arrange a visit, please call or email/ fax us anytime. We are ready to adjust estimation and conclude confidentiality, secrecy and non-disclosure agreements as needed.

【2】Exploration for industrial production

We conduct laboratory examinations based on the technical data you provide to us.

【3】Offering estimates

We offer estimates based on our investigation conducted on a laboratory lot basis.

【4】Trial manufacturing

We prepare a trial product using a model or real machine scaling after confirming product quality criteria and analytical methods.


We produce quality products stably and continuously while controlling the production process and quality.

Characteristics of contract manufacturing (consigned regulated mixing and filling)

  • We charge competitive tooling fees for mass-lot production utilizing our 27,000 and 40,000 liter mixing tanks.

  • Our bag-in-box filling machine allows to subdivide chemicals at high speed in bulk and affordably.

  • We can leverage an automatic washing system to prevent contamination.

  • Using a weight checker, image detector and various kinds of sensors, we can prevent product defects.

  • Using automatic recording ensures good traceability for all feeding procedures.

  • We have experience in handling 280 kinds of raw materials in powder and liquid form, such as acids, alkalis, inorganic and organic chemicals, dangerous materials, and non-medical deleterious substances.

  • 40 KL mixing tank

  • Bag-in-box filling machine