Based on our well-cultivated synthesizing technology for fine chemicals and using our multipurpose production facilities,
we support our customers' outsourcing activities.


【1】Customer Inquiries

We are more than happy to come and offer you a consultation. To arrange a visit, please call, email or fax us anytime.
We are ready to conclude confidentiality, secrecy and non-disclosure agreements as required.

【2】Exploration for industrial production

Based on your company's disclosed technology information, we can explore inquiries on a Laboratory lot basis.
We will investigate formulations which can be continuously produced in a cost-effective manner.

【3】Offering estimates

We offer estimates based on our investigation conducted on a laboratory lot basis.

【4】Trial manufacturing on a pilot basis

We can execute trial manufacturing on a medium scale in a pilot plant that has chemical reactor tanks holding 100 ~ 3,000 liters of chemicals. After collecting scale-up data, we establish commercial production procedures.

【5】Commercial production

We can execute commercial production using a multipurpose plant with chemical reactor tanks holding 3,000 ~ 14,000 liters of chemicals. By comprehensive production management and quality guarantee, we ensure stable commercial production and high quality.