Contract synthesizing

Based our slogan "Speed & Challenge", we meet the market need for diversified consigned synthesizing,
from laboratory kilogram units to commercial production scale working in metric tons.


Based on our well-cultivated synthesizing technology for fine chemicals and using our multipurpose production facilities, we support our customers' outsourcing activities.


Leveraging technology we have cultivated over the years, we are capable of quickly setting up production classes from laboratory scaling up to 10,000 liters and establishing mass production processes.
Furthermore, our capabilities also encompass re-crystallization, purification processing via active carbons and elimination of foreign particles with the use of various types of filtration.

Analytical equipment

Through our process and product analyses using various types of in-house analytical equipment, we have established a quality assurance system to consistently supply products of the highest quality.


We own our own production facilities for small- and commercial-scale production. We meet customer requirements across the board using multipurpose facilities with glass-lined reactors. Furthermore, to scale up effective implementation, we have installed high-efficiency Fullzone® and Maxblend® mixing impellers.