Commitment to Ecology and Quality and Safety

Daito Chemical is ISO9001 and ISO14001certified throughout all our divisions and promotes quality/environmental improvement activities.

Our approach to the Environment and Quality Control

We are helping contribute to sound social development by manufacturing of inorganic and organic chemicals and mixing and filling.

1. Approach to the Environment

Through the following activities, we strive to pursue environmental preservation and prevent pollution for the sake of the global environment.

  1. We maintain compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  2. Reducing the environmental load in manufacturing is always our concern.
  3. Our efforts focus on preventing problems and accidents that will negatively affect the environment.
  4. We ensure proper control of chemical substances.

2. Approach to Quality Control

To provide safe, satisfactory and reliable products and services to customers, we keep striving to improve the quality continuously through the following activities and achieve customer satisfaction.

  1. We accept our customers' feedback.
  2. We create added value and improve customer satisfaction.
  3. We strictly maintain compliance related to our products and services.
  4. We ensure our quality and stable supply.