Our Business

Daito Chemical is a leading company in Japan for manufacturing sodium acetate
which is used as a raw material of shelf life extension agents and other food additives and dialysis solutions.
Through our business in manufacturing and selling of sulfite and other industrial chemicals as well as food additives
and exploring contract manufacturing of organic synthesis, regulated mixing and filling of chemicals,
we provide rich values to people and society in various scenes.

Footsteps of Daito Chemical

History of Daito Chemical
The predecessor of Daito Chemical is Daiyu Chemical Industry manufacturing sodium sulfite in Hiratsuka city, Kanagawa Prefecture.
With the investment of Nitto Soko Tatemono, later Mitsui & Co., Daito Chemical was founded in 1950 (the company name combines “Dai” from Daiyu Chemical Industry and “To” from Nitto Soko Tatemono).
Given the growing demands for sodium sulfite grew as a photographic material, Daito Chemical expanded its product from photographic chemicals to general industrial chemicals and food additives thanks to capital participation by Fuji Photo Film in 1960.
First sodium acetate manufacturing in Japan
(From photographic chemicals to food additives)
In 1965, we started manufacturing sodium acetate in Hiratsuka Factory for the first case in Japan. It was at first used for a photographic material.
Current business development
(From photographic chemicals to food additives)
As well as food additives and industrial chemicals, Daito Chemical currently extended its consigned regulated mixing and filling of photographic treatment chemicals started in 1983 to other products such as detergents.
We started also contract manufacturing of organic synthesis. In 1989, Hamamatsu Factory was established in Shizuoka prefecture dedicating to organic synthesis business where our technology extends the area of polymer synthesis from low molecular weight.
Daito Chemical develops its business flexibly adapting changes to keep exploring the future.

Our Strengths

Daito Chemical delivers “Clean&Quality” products based on our slogan “Speed&Challenge”.

  • Technology
    We cultivate our own technology to keep challenging further technological innovation.
  • Manufacturing
    We strive to provide flexible services and stable supply to meet our customer’s needs.
  • Quality
    To deliver quality and reliable products, we maintain the quality assurance system.
  • Sales
    We focus on our customer’s voice to meet their needs.