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Contract Manufacturing (Consigned regulated mixing and filling)

Introduction of Contract Manufacturing (Consigned regulated mixing and filling)

Through 30+ years of improved technology and production of photographic treatment chemicals using our optimized facilities, we have expertise in regulated mixing of chemicals on a mass basis and subdivision into various packaging sizes, from large to small. Our customer base is confident of our well-established, high-level manufacturing and quality management systems.

Characteristics of Contract Manufacturing (Consigned regulated mixing and filling)

  • We charge competitive tooling fees for mass-lot production utilizing our 27,000 liter and 40,000 liter chemical feeder tanks.
  • Three hundred types of products are manufactured using an automatic filling raw material sequence and mass-lot regulated mixing technology.
  • Through our cultivated expertise in production of photographic processing chemicals (e.g., accurate mixing raw materials in powder/liquid form, accurate measuring and package filling), we have developed high-quality management capabilities.
  • Using various types of analytical equipment to conduct analysis, we offer component guarantees. Analytical Equipment
  • Using an automatic washing system, we are able to prevent contamination.
  • Using a weight checker, image detector, and various kinds of sensors, we are able to prevent product defects.
  • Using automatic recording ensures good traceability for all feeding procedures.
  • We have experience in handling 280 kinds of raw materials in powder and liquid form, such as acids, alkalis, inorganic and organic chemicals, dangerous materials, and non-medical deleterious substances.
  • We have good technology for evaluating the suitability of liquid containers and corrugated boxes used for packaging.

Mixing/Filling equipment for contracted manufacture [permitted as hazardous materials handling facility]

Examples of filling equipment

Bag-in-box filling machine
Bag-in-box filling machine
Vision inspection equipment
Vision inspection equipment
Capping inspection equipment
Capping inspection equipment

Mixing/Raw materials tanks

  • Large-volume mixing tanks (27,000L×1、40,000L×2、material:SUS304、temperature control:hydraulic cooling/steam heating)
  • Large-volume raw material tanks (up to 60,000L, 17 tanks)
Chemical name CAS No. Tank capacity
NH4OH/Ammonium Hydroxide 7664-41-7 7.5KL
KOH/Potassium hydroxide 1310-58-3 40KL
NaOH/Sodium hydroxide 1310-73-2 17KL
Diethylene glycol 111-46-6 20KL
Ammonium metabisulfite sol 65% 32736-64-4 10KL
Sodium metabisulfite 7631-90-5 20KL
Ammonium nitrate solution 6484-52-2 12KL
Nitric acid 7697-37-2 10KL
K2CO3/Potassium carbonate solution 584-08-7 40KL
Ammonium thiosulfate solution 7783-18-8 60KL
Triethylene glycol 112-27-6 20KL
Acetic acid 64-19-7 10KL
Sulfuric acid 7664-93-9 6KL

Process flow of mixing and filling

Process flow of mixing and filling