Speed & Challenge, Clean & Hight Quality

Contract Manufacturing - Consigned synthesizing

Based our slogan "Speed & Challenge", we serve the market's need for diversified consigned synthesizing, from laboratory kilogram units to metric ton commercial production scale.

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Contract Manufacturing - Consigned regulated mixing and filling

Based on proprietary technology cultivated through photographic treatment chemicals production and equipment optimization and filling, equipment for regulated mixing, we can cope with regulated mixing, dissolution, dilution, accurate density adjustment, etc.

Capabilities Facilities Analytical Equipment

Industrial Chemicals

Our product line consists of various kinds of highly purified products, such as sodium sulfite, sodium carbonate, sodium thiosulfate, sodium acetate, etc., which are used for common industrial, electrical parts and pharmaceutical applications.

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Commitment to Quality and Ecology

All of our offices and factories have ISO-9001 certification. Both our Hiratsuka and Hamaoka factories have ISO-14001 certification. Our Hiratsuka factory has received certification for our food additive products.

Commitment to Ecology