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Industrial Chemicals

Daito Chemical's history started with the production of sodium sulfite-based treatment chemicals used for photographic exposure materials. The product line expanded to such diverse chemicals as sodium thiosulfate and sodium metabisulfite, in response to the more sophisticated and diversified needs of society.
In the 21st century, our products are used not only for general industrial applications, but also for diverse applications in synthetic fibers, electrical parts, base ingredients for pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals. Our innovative technologies allow us to produce novel chemicals, such as sodium carbonate, sodium acetate and lithium acetate.
In accordance with changes in market needs, we have been improving our fine chemicals technology and expanding our product line to better serve many customers.

Product Line

Chemicals Sodium salt Potassium salt Ammonium salt Lithium salt Magnesium salt Other
Acetate ・Sodium Acetate
・Sodium Acetate Trihydrate
・Potassium Acetate
・Potassium Acetate Solution
・Ammonium Acetate ・Lithium Acetate Dihydrate ・Magnesium Acetate Tetrahydratera ・Calcium Acetate Monohydrate
・Zinc Acetate Dihydrate
Sulfite ・Sodium Sulfite
・Sodium Sulfite Heptahydrate
・Sodium Sulfite Solution
・Potassium Sulfite Anhydrate
・Potassium Sulfite Anhydrate/Low
・Ammonium Sulfite Monohydrate     ・Sulfurous Acid Solution
Metabisulfite ・Sodium Metabisulfite Anhydrous
・Sodium Bisulfite Solution
・Potassium Metabisulfite ・Ammonium Bisulfite Solution     ・Sodium Formaldehyde Bisulfite Hemihydrate
Thiosulfate ・Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate
・Sodium Thiosulfate
・Sodium Thiosulfate Solution
  ・Ammonium Thiosulfate Solution      
Carbonate ・Sodium Carbonate
・Sodium Carbonate Monohydrate
Other…Titanium Chelate compound, DS-92(Antifungal Agent)〔1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one/Methanol solution〕, DS-92Na(Antifungal Agent)〔1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one/Sodium Salt solution〕